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The Seventh Campaign Job Function Email Database in the Ran

The Seventh Campaign Job Function Email Database in the Ran

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'Neo QLED 8K 'Display Innovation' by Job Function Email Database the Cheil agency for Samsung "achieves high effectiveness thanks to an impressive visual display around color and the high quality of product viewing, accompanied by a good use of musical component. Eighth position is occupied by Gallo with his campaign 'Aquí' (by Gallo Tenedor) created by Pavlov. This piece is anchored in a media reference of the kitchen to “highlight both the quality of the raw material and the production process, demonstrating the differentiation and added value of the brand that justifies why it is worth paying extra for it. ”. Coca-Cola ranks ninth with the 'Open That Coke Experience' campaign produced by the Wieden+Kennedy London agency , “a creativity that clearly uses digital codes adapted to a TV piece. Humour, music, “TikTokero” spirit, use of expressions adapted to a young Job Function Email Database and digital target”. And the ranking is closed by Ikea , the only brand along with Burger King that repeats this year in the list.

The Swedish chain is with McCann's 'Back home' campaign, an Job Function Email Database ad that highlights "its ability to generate identification by showing common situations in which someone is wanting to go home and does so with perfect use of time" . five creative keys During the launch event of the Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards , Kantar has unveiled "Five creative sparks" that lead advertisers to have more effective creative and capable of generating ROI in Job Function Email Database the short and long term. Make references to the digital world and its codes Some of the winning television commercials show direct references to digital environments and themes that make the commercials more attractive and engaging. In addition, a difference is generated that, as we well know, is important for success, connecting with a younger audience and avoiding well-worn topics on television.

Every second counts It's possible to tell a Job Function Email Database story effectively in any length of ad, but if you're going for short extensions, every detail and element counts. Show don't tell Even in the age of new developments and sophisticated ways of pushing creative boundaries with advances in audio and visual techniques, a well-executed product demo remains as effective as ever. make them laugh Humor is a powerful tool for creating ads that are expressive, engaging, and distinctive, at a time when the pursuit of purpose has spawned a more serious stream of creativity. Generate identification If there is something transversal to all the winners, it is their ability to connect with campaigns that show situations, characters, experiences,... with which almost any of us can connect, and they Job Function Email Database have also done so in an aspirational way, which makes the brand more close and sweet.
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